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6 units required (RELI 200 and one additional course)
9 units required, 1 from each area
9 units required in any one area
Must be taken at the first available offering after declaring the Religious Studies major
Explore the rich cultural and religious heritage of the American Southwest!
Investigate the Major Worldviews that have Shaped the Modern World. Topics Include: The Historical Relationship of Religion and Science The Philosophical Foundations of Modern Science Religious Responses to the Rise of Modern Science
This course covers topics such as: The human life cycle & religion The collective unconscious & archetypes The varieties of the religious experience
Overview of the traditional Hindu narratives found in the Vedic, epic, and puranic literature and in their many forms in regional literary and artistic forms, and the narratives influence on culture, philosophy, literature, and folklore.
This course examines and discusses religious beliefs in Africa and among the Indigenous peoples in the world, particularly in the Americas and Asia. It will explore the relationship between religion and culture in these diverse settings and illumine the manner that social and environmental forces are shaped by religio-cultural dynamics and vice-versa. Special attention will be paid to issues of...
This course examines and discusses the dynamism of Indigenous religions in the world, particularly in North America and Africa; Buddhism; and Christianity. It will consider common themes in each tradition and illuminate areas of distinction. The manner and context in which each of these religious traditions evolved and principles associated with such traditions will be key throughout the course.