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The Religious Studies major and minor offer a wide range of approaches to the study of religion from an academic, interdisciplinary perspective.

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B.A. in Religious Studies

Students majoring in Religious Studies must complete at least 30 credit hours of Religious Studies course work (10 courses) at the 200 level or higher, including the required courses and projects outlined below. At least 18 credits (6 courses) must be at the 300 level or higher. Religious Studies offers generous double-dipping options for students pursuing double majors and/or dual degrees.

Religious Studies Minor

A minor in Religious Studies requires eighteen (18) credit hours of Religious Studies course work (6 courses) at the 200 level or higher, including at least 9 credit hours (3 courses) of upper division work (300 level and higher).

New Testament Language and Literature Minor

A minor in New Testament Language and Literature requires twenty (20) units of course work, including at least 9 units of upper-division work (300 level and higher). LEARN MORE ▸▸


  • Two courses in Approaches to Religious Studies (6 credits)
  • Three courses in Global Religions (9 credits)
    • One course in each of the following areas: Asian Religions, Abrahamic Religions (Judaism, Christianity, or Islam), and Indigenous Religions
  •  Three courses in a Concentration Area (9 credits)
    • With the consultation and approval of an undergraduate advisor, three RELI courses are to be selected so that the courses build competence in a designated area of concentration. The area of concentration will be determined by students in consultation with an academic advisor, based on available courses. A culminating academic paper, project, and/or engagement assignment based on the student's interest will be completed in the Senior Capstone course (RELI 498).
  • One Elective
  • Senior Capstone: RELI 498

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